Modifying a Law to Suit a Contemporary Lifestyle

The Process of Allowing Ourselves to Think

As I evaluate the many ways a lifestyle can renew itself, I am forced to wonder at how an appendix to an eternal sound can be modified without invalidating its' counterpart.


As an example: A textbook may have an accompanying workbook. Later with many editions, will the workbook become a digitized form of the paperback and invalidate the workbook? What are the ramifications' of this, long term?




What is reform, to an orthodox way of living? We don't have to preach that it is right, per se, but if I am invited to your house and see you practicing a new way of something I thought was eternally unchangeable, what conclusions would you allow me to draw? Am I allowed to ask about the nature of your practice; is allowed to be an extra?

It is this internal dialogue of 'others' intentions and practices, that adherents assume themselves to be privy; perhaps because they are fellow adherents. I am still unsure how to wonder about this...


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