After the End ( of life), or Before the Beginning?

Life Specialist. To what degree are we willing to take a step back? Before reassessing how to align with a new journey; how would we want to discover what lens we could look with?


I have become my own worse enemy, to some degree. Regardless of how I construct god, whether it is using language or art, my conveyance will always fall short. Explaining what the process of understanding god does for me, is my personal and private domain. However, how do I live my understanding without feeling the need to defend my rationale? 

In the past, the mere mention of depicting an artful imagination of god could have been a trigger for me. I am socialized to have the belief that any depiction or representation of  god, set many alarm bells off in my mind. With time, and with many adaptations of different perspectives, I have come to question my socialization. Using language to explain something is empowering because words create imagery and new potential for new understandings with each subsequent imagining. Our mind can't help but try and conjure up an approximation of what an omnipotent being could look like. Inspite of this, I could never work up the courage to think of any kind of depiction. My faith tradition encourages us to meditate on the meanings of the attributes of god. I enjoy this process and allow myself to draw a limit there. Lately, however I am curious to wonder about the intrinsic drive within us to find spiritual meanings of god in art.


This is an approach I am willing to take; because, though discussion about god inevitably leads to understandings about rites and rituals, I am interested to understand how the first human may have drawn conclusions about His creator. Meditating on meanings around rites and rituals help us create ways to learn how to communicate these ideas, however sometimes this can become a point of contention between populations and/or within communities.  Any attempt thereafter to find common ground fades away.  It is in this process of searching that meaning can transcend, yet pervade all humanity. It becomes a more personal and self-satisfying and self-fulfilling endeavor. Any chance meeting with someone who is likeminded becomes something of a happy coincidence. Because we are our own specialist when it comes to understanding ourselves, how can we know when and who to augment our understanding with? That spark of curiosity to find out, is what enlivens us to search and allow people to journey with us. As we become collaborators in emotional resilience, our pathway to becoming your own life specialist comes to life.


If you could understand that the end of your life precipitates how your next life will look, how will you choose to live every moment? You may want to live every moment as though it was your last. What would you want to build of your life so that you increase the chances of dying happy, and reviving happy.


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