Tropes That Love Us

What is it about a recurring theme around seeming eternal damnation, that cannot find a positive silver-lining?


I imagine if I had to find eternal life as a possibility, which I am more and more willing to entertain, why not find something to modify. What have we taken for granted to remain permanent?

It is difficult to think of Sisyphus without wondering; how can he be the only one?

I don't even know the circumstances leading to his predicament, and this is where I choose to help myself to my imagination before reading the what and why of circumstance. By keeping my brain not primed to anything relating to the narrative, I can think of ways that may have lead to his non-end. Imagine the creative ideas you may branch off with before wondering about how it can get you in, as it were, that much trouble. Take context and era into account and this is already a framework to create your own ethic for reasoning.

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