How Do We Find the Identity we Want to Keep?

Age old traditions tend to be oral ones. As children, we learn to adopt whatever we find our family embodying and valuing; but at what point do we question these norms? Some may argue around the age of 2. We try to discover our own autonomy and voice, quite unequivocally, and show discontent when confronted with an obstacle. The parenting style we find ourselves confronted with, will determine the degree with which we learn to communicate and learn to negotiate as we grow into our teen years. It dawned on me around the age of 6 that some norms are not necessarily part of our identity. We take them on as a type of trial to see how they fit. Depending on the popular majority, we may choose to continue with the trial or abandon it.

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Archetypal stories

Some of the stories I grew up with, have so far stayed with me. The closest story to my heart is that of Muhammad and Jacob. A father who has many children, lost his wife, and his favourite son. I am not sure why this story stays with me. Perhaps it is because it is a story about grief and loss. Regardless of which walk of life you find yourself in, we will likely deal with some kind of tragedy that requires that we contemplate the greater meanings in life. How does tragedy shape us? Do we have a support to lean on that allows us to have some kind of map to navigate to a new landscape with?

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