Cures for Sadness: The Spirit lives in all of us

How are the understanding of an elemental truism about life and companionship inexplicably intertwined with tragedy?

Human interest stories are the backbone of our society. They give us news about the human condition in a contemporary context and allow us to relate and learn about how people struggle or grapple with change.


The stories of the 1-Buddha, 2-Joseph, 3-Moses, and 4-Muhammad all relay narratives that are thorough and exhaustive. They have a timeless element that can give them a backdrop to help us through any life dilemma:


  • 1. A prince who is choosing ascetism to fight the suffocation of a traditional zeitgeist. Where did he lose his autonomy?
  • 2. A young boy who is oppressed from a young age and struggles towards an upward SES. He become a successful minister. We learn that wealth is not inherently evil.
  • 3. A life long struggle with a community entrenched in tangibles creates a belief that knowledge of the ineffable is nearly impossible to acquire. The danger of being enamored with charisma and the spiritual sloth that can result.  How do we understand an ever-evolving idea of God without remaining entrenched in one idea. The threat of idolatry as a lesser form of polytheism is never far. Individual journeying can be scrutinized as heresy if it attempts to include popular culture or a form of entertainment. Not sure where the spiritual nuance inherent to understanding God got lost.
  • 4. A comprehensive analysis of a full life. From orphan-boy, to being in the care of a wet-nurse, to shepherding; learning the art of commerce and honest trade; marrying at a young age and dealing with the scandals inherent with gossip and ill-will; Muhammad initiates a new way of understanding how to think forward about building civilization. With the inspiration of an Archangel and a primitive and close-knit Bedouin culture, he illustrates the importance of defending freedom of thought and expression and the spiritual fortitude rites and rituals can inculcate.

I challenge you to read these stories and find the ways you can adapt your life struggles to one of these archetypes. You will find a solution for how to address any obstacle you may be facing.




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