What Instigates Thought

Published on 2 July 2023 at 08:51


Some parents have adopted a language to understand how to help their babies and or children relax. I never wondered too much about music growing up. We had different scripture playing on a tape recorder throughout the day. Being from a culture that is an oral tradition and prides itself on perpetuating its narrative, my family invested in helping us learn the benefits of being comfortable with its presence in our life. I did spend a year studying this text. Because it was like background music to me I found that I had passively committed much of it to memory. The somewhat awe-inspiring thing about this scripture is that it is easy to commit to memory, regardless of a person's native language. Some say, like any vocation, it chooses you.


How do we find the sound that allows our soul to find a type of calm? Some argue that the human voice is the most soothing.




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